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The making of True Brits

New play True Brits explores two national events - 7/7 and the 2012 Olympics - and one man's journey of identity and integration between them, explains its writer Vinay Patel.

REVIEW: We Made 2012

Over at The Building Centre in central London, We Made 2012 covers how the design and construction industries in the UK worked hard and thought outside the box to produce a truly memorable Olympic Games. Featuring before and after images of the site, alongside models and videos, the exhibition looks at key challenges met along the way, such as how an area that was previously barren by overcrowded London standards was given an Olympic-standard water supply and transport network, writes Jemimah Steinfeld.

Award winner helped young people get involved in Olympics

Zimbabwean refugee Cynthia Masiyiwa has been selected for the Woman of the Year award at The Migrant and Refugee Woman of the Year Awards. Last year she helped loads of young people get involved in the Olympics, writes Jemimah Steinfeld.

Farewell to 2012, the year of British exceptionalism

The spirit of 2012 challenged the core instincts of both left and right, argues Sunder Katwala. But will that optimistic sense of what is distinctive about Britain survive into 2013?

VIDEO: Generation 2012 debate in Stratford

British Future went to Stratford, the Olympic borough, to launch its Generation 2012 project with a debate asking young people want they thought were the big issues facing them in 2012, and what they thought government should do about it.

Report shows public want legacy of 2012, not just feelgood moment

British Future's latest publication TeamGB report: How 2012 Should Boost Britain shows that most people want the spirit of 2012 to last - and asks what we can do to bring about a positive change.

We need a 2012 legacy that lasts

2012 has brought Britain together. The Olympics, Paralympics and the Jubilee combined to provide the most inclusive celebration of who we are that anyone can remember, says Sunder Katwala. But what happens when the flame goes out?

What Watford thinks of their golden boy

British Future’s Binita Mehta in her hometown of Watford speaking to local residents about the Olympics and their newly painted gold postbox.

British identity and the Olympic Ceremony

Have the Olympics ushered in a new, positive Britain?

Britain is beaming following the Olympics, with 58% agreeing that the Olympics will leave a long-lasting positive impact on British society. What needs to be done to make sure this happens?

London Olympics and British identity

Flying the flag for Britain

The Olympics has sparked a significant shift in how the Scots and the Welsh feel about the Union Jack by giving the whole country an opportunity to come together, says British Future editorial director Rachael Jolley.

Wales and British identity

“Jade Jones: Welsh national hero”

Celebrating her victory with the Welsh flag and the Union Jack, Olympic gold medalist Jade Jones's success brought British patriotism and Welsh pride together, writes Daniel Lloyd.