Securing political consent for policy change requires public support. British Future has developed a unique, in-depth understanding of public attitudes, uncovering the common ground on which people can agree.

We commission and draw on the latest attitudinal research to help our partners in civil society and in the public and private sectors to unlock public support. We develop and test messages and arguments that reach and persuade the ‘Balancers’ – the majority of the British public who don’t take a wholly ‘pro’ or ‘anti’ view on a range of seemingly-divisive topics, from migration and integration to history and identity. We identify new messengers and help build coalitions for change.

British Future can help partners develop new strategic approaches to difficult issues, as well as helping to shape policy solutions and more effective communications.


British Future reports examine public attitudes and make recommendations for change on topics ranging from future immigration and integration policy to how communications can help combat prejudice.

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