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An overview of British Future’s current work and future programme.


Securing public trust in Britain’s immigration system

Immigration policy will change after Brexit. We will build on the findings from our National Conversation on Immigration project, the biggest-ever public consultation on immigration, to set out how engaging people in immigration reform can help to rebuild public confidence in the new system.

From settled status to citizenship

The commitments made to the 3 million EU nationals in Britain must be honoured. British Future is working closely with EU nationals advocates, policy-makers and business to ensure the biggest administrative task in the Home Office’s history leaves nobody behind. Beyond the settled status scheme, we are promoting a new agenda for citizenship reform.

How do business voices win public consent for migration?

Advocates of the economic gains of migration do not have the public and political support they need. British Future works closely with business voices to develop public messages and policy agendas to engage concerns effectively, proposing constructive solutions in a changing economic context.


How can charities make the case for refugee protection to those who are sceptical about the asylum system and whether Britain can cope with the scale of the crisis?

British Future disseminates new research into public attitudes and messages that resonate with persuadable sceptics, to help organisations working on refugee protection communicate more effectively.

We are proud to be part of Refugee Week each year.


Reconnecting Britain

To help bridge the divides in British society today, we are helping to build a powerful civic coalition, called /Together, advocating for proactive integration strategies that prioritise greater social contact and universal fluency in English.

Making citizenship matter

Our agenda for citizenship reform includes an independent inquiry into citizenship policy, led by Alberto Costa MP; scrutiny of the EU Settlement Scheme; and a focus on raising the profile and impact of citizenship ceremonies.

Getting local integration right

We are working to institutionalise effective city-region strategies across the UK, building on our successful advocacy for a Deputy Mayor for Social Integration in London, including work in West Yorkshire, the West Midlands and Greater Manchester.

Voices for the common ground

Smaller organisations working to combat prejudice and xenophobia need support to communicate effectively. British Future works with local and national civic society, sharing evidenced, tested messages that resonate with harder-to-reach audiences.

Shared history, shared future

Working with the Royal British Legion, our Remember Together project is increasing knowledge of the diverse contributions to our shared history, encouraging contact between people from different backgrounds and making our tradition of Remembrance more inclusive.


Anti-racism protests have brought new energy to calls to turn talk into action on race equality in public policy, business and civic society – while also sparking concerns about a backlash, promoting “culture war” debates over identity in Britain.

Race can involve difficult conversations – but we need to become more confident talking about it. British Future is conducting research on how the agenda for race equality can broaden the coalition of support.  We also offer practical advice to institutions in politics and business, education and civic society interested in how constructive conversations about race can lead to positive change.


Britain is not alone in facing the challenge of populist politics. We are sharing the lessons of British Future’s UK-based work with organisations across Europe, informing common responses to challenges from the divisive rhetoric of President Trump to the fear and prejudice being sown by some in response to Europe’s refugee crisis.

Read our brochure ‘Finding common ground’ to find out more about British Future’s programme of work and vision for the future.

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