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VIDEO: Find out more about British Future

12:37 Wednesday 25.1.12

Video journalist Daniel Lloyd created a film and interview...


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British Future are seeking a new Trustee

15:46 Monday 6.10.14

A new Trustee is sought to join a high-calibre...

Blog: dotdotdot...

Public support teaching British values in schools

16:57 Saturday 5.7.14

Almost eighty per cent of the public support using...

The India Gate memorial to Indian soldiers who fought with British in WWI

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North/South divide: does it exist?

18.00 Thursday 13.11.14

Is it all that grim up in the north...

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International students and the UK immigration debate

13:55 Wednesday 1.10.14

The new research poses a challenge to the government...

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British Histories: What's Your Story?

VIDEO: Stephen Goss, Northern Ireland

15:22 Friday 24.1.14

"I'm somewhat unusual in that I come from a...

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British Histories: What's Your Story?

VIDEO: Henry Hill, Britain and Ireland

17:54 Tuesday 14.1.14

Henry Hill from Berkhamsted in Hertfordshire has a British...