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Immigration and the election: Time to choose

Immigration and the election: Time to choose examines shifting public attitudes to immigration and asylum. It draws on new findings from the Ipsos/British Future Immigration Attitudes Tracker, which has tracked public attitudes to immigration since 2015. This is the sixteenth wave of the tracker research.

The research examines public attitudes on a series of key issues:

  • Public satisfaction with the government’s handling of immigration.
  • Public trust in the main political parties on immigration, and trust in leading politicians on the issue.
  • Attitudes to immigration numbers: do people want numbers to reduce, increase or stay the same?
  • Attitudes to migration to fill different roles: would people cut the numbers of doctors, care workers, lorry drivers or hospitality staff coming to the UK?
  • Attitudes to migration for study.
  • Asylum, Channel crossings and the Rwanda scheme.

As Britain heads towards an election, the report looks in detail at public trust in the Conservative and Labour parties to have the right policies on immigration and asylum. It also examines the differences in opinions between Conservative and Labour supporters and what that means for the two main parties.

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