22 April 2024

Rwanda scheme: planes taking off not enough to count as ‘success’, says public

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New polling finds the Rwanda scheme continues to divide people by politics. But most support the Lords in their efforts to protect UK Armed Forces translators from being sent to Rwanda if they seek asylum – and only a quarter will see planes taking off as a 'success'.

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New polling by Focaldata for British Future finds only a quarter of the public would consider planes taking off to as a ‘success’ for the Rwanda policy, with 4 in 10 needing to see small boat arrivals cut in half before the policy could be considered a success. The survey finds:

Commenting on the new findings Sunder Katwala, Director of British Future, said:

“Rishi Sunak’s real problems could be just beginning now the Rwanda Bill has made it through Parliament. Only a quarter of people think a plane taking off to Rwanda would count as success for the policy. More would need to see a dramatic reduction in small boats before they feel the Rwanda scheme has been effective.

“Most people also feel that the Lords are right to take a stand. Most support the amendment to protect UK armed forces translators from the threat of removal to Rwanda.

“The Rwanda scheme continues to divide opinion along political lines. Conservatives will be cheered if Rishi Sunak gets his policy through, but he must then make it work. Keir Starmer’s voters will expect him to come up with something different.“

The survey, which was conducted 19-22 April 2024 by Focaldata with a nationally representative sample of 1,055 GB adults aged 18+, also found:

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