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Identity and race

Understanding issues of race and identity in modern Britain and celebrating inclusive national identities in which we can all take pride.

Race is a prominent theme in an increasingly diverse Britain.  British Future’s in-depth attitudes research seeks to increase understanding of ethnic minority and white British perspectives on our changing society – to inform efforts to advance race equality that can mobilise broad coalitions for equal opportunities.  We promote shared identities that can challenge and defuse efforts to divide our society.

Race can involve difficult conversations – but we need to become more confident talking about it. British Future offers practical advice to institutions in politics and business, education and civic society interested in how constructive conversations about race can lead to positive change.

As WW1 centenary approaches it’s important to mention the war

As WW1 centenary approaches it’s important to mention the war Date: 17 November 2013

In British Future’s latest report, Do Mention The War, we highlight why the first world war remains a pivotal cultural reference point for understanding the last century and how it shaped the country we have become today. It draws on original research into what the public know and don’t know about the first world war, why they think next year’s centenary will matter and what they want it to be about.

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