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England and the north

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Location: People's History Museum, Left Bank, Manchester, Lancashire M3 3ER

Englishness is on the rise. What does that mean for the north? Can Englishness unite across the north-south divide or do southern ideas dominate? Can we develop an Englishness in which the north’s voice gets heard, or will northern, Mancunian or other local identities matter most?

Please join British Future, IPPR and the Social Action and Research Foundation for this Manchester debate as part of the Festival of Englishness. As people in England increasingly identify as English first and British second, the festival is asking whether we can have a positive and inclusive idea of Englishness.

Drawing on ideas from books and films, comedy and sport, as well as discussing regional and political questions, the festival seeks to examine the many faces of modern English identity, with a series of debates also being held in London, Newcastle and Bristol.

Chaired by Amina Lone from the Social Action and Research Foundation, speakers include director of British Future Sunder Katwala, Anthony Clavane, Sunday Mirror sportswriter and author,  and Diane Curry, who works at Partners of Prisoners.

The Manchester debate will be followed by an informal drinks reception from 19.30.

Email or call 020 7632 9069 to reserve your place.

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