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Marking ten years of British Future

Event type: Live event
Date: 18/05/2022
Location: London
British Future brought together friends and supporters from across civil society, media, politics, business and culture this week at an event to mark the organisation’s 10th birthday.
Director Sunder Katwala gave a speech looking back at the organisation’s work to help shape a more confident, inclusive and welcoming Britain over ten turbulent years in the UK – encompassing Brexit, Covid, the Black Lives Matter protests and three general elections. And he then looked ahead to the organisation’s vision for the future, of a country where we are no longer ‘Them and Us’ but rather a confident and welcoming Britain, inclusive and fair to all.
Sunder was then joined by The Guardian’s Gaby Hinsilff and the FT’s Sebastian Payne for a discussion of how are society has changed in the last ten years and their hopes and fears for the future.

In his speech to the event, Sunder said:
“Every institution in Britain needs to be more confident, not just talking about but acting with the growing diversity of our society. This is the British Future. We are all us now. How are we going to make that fair for everybody? 
“We can only do the work thanks to the partnerships that we’ve got. So do stay in touch, do keep working with us and 10 years from now we’ll have a more confident, inclusive and welcoming Britain because of the work that we do to make it happen.”
The event was accompanied by the launch of two new British Future publications:
Finding common ground‘ sets out British Future’s vision and programme of work for the decade to come. It also looks back at the organisation’s achievements in its first ten years.
Jubilee Britain‘, analyses changes in public attitudes in the ten years since the last Jubilee, including on race and immigration, identity and the monarchy, as well as public hopes and fears for the decade to come.

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