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Finding common ground

Since its launch in 2012, British Future has emerged as a thought leader on issues of identity and immigration, race and integration.

Finding common ground sets out our current programme of work and vision for the future we share.

Current debates about history and identity, integration and combating prejudice, or our approach to immigration and protecting refugees, can seem noisy and polarised. We engage people seriously in how we handle the issues that divide us, so that we can work to strengthen our common ground.

Securing political consent for policy change requires public support. British Future has developed a unique, in-depth understanding of public attitudes to help organisations identify narratives and messages that reach and persuade across divides.

We work to understand where people are and the issues that concern them, offering constructive policy solutions in response.

Our communications expertise helps ensure that British Future’s research findings inform national debates and influence decision-makers. And we build, catalyse and incubate new coalitions for change, mobilising others to play their part.

Our long-term aim is a country where we are no longer ‘Them and Us’ but rather a confident and welcoming Britain, inclusive and fair to all.

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