20 April 2015

Why registering to vote is so important

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With voter registration about to close, Helen Whitehouse, the Daily Mirror’s Voice of a Generation reporter reminds young people why it’s so important to get their names on the electoral register:

Today is the last day you can register to vote: if you aren’t registered, you can’t vote in the impending general election. And not being able to vote means you aren’t casting your ballot for the party which you most believe should win the general election and run the country for the next five years- so you shouldn’t deny yourself that right.

Putting yourself on the electoral register means a few things- it activates your credit history, for one, meaning its easier to apply for things like credit cards. It means you can get picked for jury service, but, as importantly as meaning you are able to vote, it also means that you mark your place out in society to all the major political leaders forming policies and ideas for if they gain leadership of the country. So, at the moment, the vast majority of over 65s are on the electoral register and vote in the general election. Compared to the far lower number of 18-24 year olds registered, and even fewer who turn out to vote. And because they are there, present, a noticeable demographic, they get all the good stuff, whereas young people suffer. It’s easier to let us down when we never show our face, isn’t it?

After a rough deal over the past five years, a hike in tuition fees, loss of EMA, what feels like endless crises over housing or employment, it feels like it should be the turn of young people to get the good stuff in the policies. So that’s why, right now if you aren’t registered, go to the gov.uk website and do it. It’s a five minute task, and you have a few hours left to do it in. Completely doable, and completely necessary to get your vote out there this election.

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