8 April 2015

Voices of a Generation

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As we enter the final run in to the General Election Helen Whitehouse looks back at the Voice of a Generation tour which saw her travelling the country to hear what young people really had to say about politics, politicians, and the issues that matter to them.

“It was great to hear the views of such a wide range of young people from all over the country on the Voice of a Generation tour. What came over loud and clear to me is that our generation is very aware of the issues that they face and that Britain faces as a whole. They care about politics – but they feel that they have little connection with the Westminster politicians vying for their votes. We interviewed dozens of young people across the UK, many of whom said that no-one seems to listen to their views. I hope the Voice of a Generation helps bring their day-today concerns, and their hopes and fears for the future, to a wider audience.”

The first in a series of short videos and pieces of the country’s youngest voters having their say comes from South Thanet, where Nigel Farage and Al Murray are standing as candidates. Helen visited Ramsgate Football Club to speak with a couple of the apprentices there, and here’s what they had to say:



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