3 October 2013

VIDEO: Can the Tories win new friends and not alienate old allies?

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How to reach new groups without losing support from the core was a key theme raised on Monday 30th September when British Future and ConservativeHome hosted a fringe event at the Conservative Party Conference entitled “Future majority: how can the Tories win in a changing Britain?”

Coinciding with the publication of new research from British Future, From minority vote to majority challenge, which found that a modest increase in the Conservative Party’s share of ethnic minority votes would have given David Cameron an outright majority in 2010, the event addressed where the Tories are falling short amongst various groups of voters and what they need to do moving forward. “The ethnic minority issue,” said panelist Eric Ollerenshaw OBE MP, “is a national issue.”

Chaired by Ian Birrell of the Daily Mail, Ollerenshaw was joined by Alok Sharma MP, Margot James MP and ConservativeHome editor Paul Goodman.

Misrepresentation of the Tories in the media, especially in north England, and how to improve the economy were also raised.

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Watch highlights from it below.

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