26 November 2013

VIDEO: England and the north

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Englishness is on the rise. What does that mean for the north?

On Wednesday 20th November a wide range of people came together to debate this question in Manchester as part of the Festival of Englishness, co-hosted by British Future, IPPR and the Social Action and Research Foundation.

As people in England increasingly identify as English first and British second, the festival asked whether we can have a positive and inclusive idea of Englishness. Specifically for the festival in Manchester, can we have a sense of Englishness that is not dictated by London and the south? How can we celebrate the great contributions of the north and integrate these into a combined sense of English pride?

In this clip, director of British Future Sunder Katwala, journalist Anthony Clavane and Diane Curry OBE, CEO of Partners of Prisoners, offer their opinions on what it means to be English and for the latter two in particular, what it means to be from the north.


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