16 March 2014

VIDEO: Achieving a fair deal on migration

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A new video by the Institute for Public Policy Research sets out a series of new policy proposals regarding how the UK should approach immigration. As part of their recent report, A fair deal on migration for the UK, IPPR says that migrants should be able to make the UK their home providing they work hard, make a contribution, play by the rules and learn English.

British Future spoke to IPPR’s Tim Finch, Associate Director for Migration, about the video:

“This short animation encapsulates a fair approach to migration which commands public support. Stressing the need for the migration system to work more fairly, particularly for British people who feel they have been losing out, opens up the opportunity to talk about migration in a more forward looking way and  moves us away from the obsession with reducing overall migrant numbers whatever the cost.”

As outlined in IPPR’s report, despite strenuous efforts by successive governments to reduce migration, there are no signs that it is likely to return to the low levels of the mid­-1990s. Given that, the UK needs “a well-managed system which is fair to everyone,” the video says.

Watch the video below to hear more.

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