5 September 2017

Responses to ‘Time to get it right’ report

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This week British Future launched a new report, Time to get it right: Finding consensus on Britain’s future immigration policy.

The report includes new ICM opinion polling showing public attitudes to different flows of immigration, together with analysis of the 2017 General Election and what it means for the post-Brexit immigration debate. The poll finds a striking degree of public consensus, among both Leave/Remain and Conservative/Labour voters, for a system that differentiates between higher- and lower-skilled immigration. The report sets out a proposal for a new system for EU immigration to the UK which remains open to skilled migration while increasing control of low-skilled migration through annual quotas.

Media coverage of the report stretched across referendum and political divides, with positive reports in The Sun, The Guardian and Huffington Post. Sunder Katwala wrote on ConservativeHome about the extent of consensus among the public on immigration while George Eaton in the New Statesman drew on the findings to discuss how voters have turned against the net migration target.

Here are some of the responses to the report on social media, with commentators coming from quite different positions:





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