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The year of uncertainty: State of the Nation 2015

The year of uncertainty: State of the Nation 2015 sheds some light on the key issues of 2015 – including the general election and the rise of UKIP; immigration and Europe.

The 2015 General Election is set to be the most open electoral contest for 40 years. We don’t even know how many parties will end up forming a government, let alone which ones.

While the country as a whole is unsure when it comes to predicting who will form a new government in May, this report finds that party-aligned voters are very confident that their party will be in government after the election.

The ICM poll conducted for this report also found that we are less confident than we would like that we can emerge from an election which may well be dominated by questions on immigration and identity with social and community cohesion intact. But the State of the Nation findings offer an important reason why we might find confidence in Britain’s ability to handle such debates.

A year of uncertainty also looks at a number of other issues that could dominate Britain’s conversations in 2015:

  • The EU: Has Britain made it’s mind up?
  • Could the Liberal Democrats survive – and recover?
  • Will 2015’s first-time voters be first-time non-voters?
  • A decade after 7/7, where is the Muslim integration debate headed?
  • Will Scotland decide the future of the UK again?
  • How well will UKIP do?