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The Politics of Immigration

The Politics of Immigration – the surprising lessons of the 2015 General Election and what they mean for party leaders”  by British Future draws on post-election polling by Survation and new analysis of public attitudes and voting behaviour, including among a large sample of ethnic minority voters, to highlight challenges for all political parties and other advocates on this key issue for voters.

Topics include:

-Cameron’s new majority coalition – why failing on immigration didn’t stop the Conservatives winning
-How Labour failed to find its authentic voice on immigration
-The Purple ceiling – why talking too much about immigration puts voters off
-What we learned about immigration and the Lib Dems, Greens and SNP
-The new floating voters: why ethnic minority votes are increasingly up for grabs
-Beyond the election – challenges for the new leaders and new parliament
-#Refugees welcome – has the public response to the Syrian refugee crisis changed the immigration debate?