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The manifesto challenge – 10 steps to restore public trust on immigration and integration


In Immigration: The manifesto challenge – 10 steps to restore public trust on immigration and integration, British Future poses ten key questions about future policy choices which voters will want parties and candidates to be able to answer at hustings, on the doorstep and in the media.

We then offer our own proposals in answer to those questions: ten practical measures that could help to rebuild trust and confidence in how we manage immigration and integration in Britain. These ‘common ground’ proposals would, we believe, secure the support of most voters across the political and referendum divides – so we hope that politicians of all parties will consider them, as they discuss immigration during the General Election campaign:

  1. Invest properly in an immigration system that is effective, fair and humane

  2. Propose a new UK migration deal with the EU to replace free movement

  3. Hold Britain’s first ever Comprehensive Immigration Review; and set sensible limits for immigration controls, making promises that governments are in a position to meet

  4. Non-EU immigration: review the rules on family migration

  5. Use money generated by the Immigration Skills Charge on training for UK workers; and consider measures to reduce dependence on migrant workers

  6. Uphold refugee protection, improve the system and extend community sponsorship

  7. Set a target for increased student migration – so that Global Britain competes to top the global league in attracting international students

  8. Implement local impacts funding, to ensure net gains from migration reach the places of most change

  9. Increase political accountability on immigration through a Migration Day report to Parliament and the public.

  10. Commit to introducing a national integration strategy.

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