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Calling out hatred and prejudice

Calling out hatred and prejudice: A guide to communications planning, audiences and messaging is a practical guide for campaigners, civil society organisations, local authorities, teachers, youth workers and others who need narratives and messages that can successfully combat hate crime and prejudice.

The report examines different audiences for anti-prejudice communications and the types of messages that might reach and resonate with them.

It aims to encourage anti-prejudice actors to give greater consideration to the aims and target audiences of their  communications.

As well as audience segmentation and analysis, the report includes a series of anti-prejudice messages that have been tested and found to resonate with harder-to-reach audiences.

It draws on several pieces of original research by British Future:

-The National Conversation on Immigration, the biggest-ever public consultation on immigration, conducted by British Future with HOPE not hate, which engaged nearly 20,000 people across the UK;

-The Many Rivers Crossed  project, which looked at changing attitudes to race and diversity through nationwide attitudes polling and a series of focus groups across the West Midlands.

-Evaluation of case study campaigns, including British Future’s Remember Together and No place for prejudice initiatives.

We hope that Calling out hatred and prejudice will be a useful resource for all those using communications to help build good community relations.