12 June 2012

“It means a united people,” says celebrity chef Cyrus Todiwala

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“The world celebrates the British monarchy, so why should we not celebrate what the world is always celebrating?” celebrity chef and restauranteur Cyrus Todiwala told British Future.

Todiwala attended British Future’s street party during the Jubilee weekend and gave a rousing speech highlighting the contribution refugees have made in both his birthplace of India and in his current home of Britain.

He said: “The Jubilee, for me, it’s a time to celebrate Britain.”

Born and raised in Mumbai, Todiwala is a Parsee, a minority in India, and therefore acutely aware of the contribution minority groups can make.

A confirmed royalist, Todiwala is now chef proprietor of Cafe Spice Namaste, one of London’s top Indian restaurants. His cooking is so renowned that he was asked to host the Queen’s first luncheon for her Diamond Jubilee tour, where he served country captain, the Indian version of the shepherd’s pie.

“The Queen is very much part of modern Britain today,” said the chef.

For Todiwala, the choice to have an Indian chef serving Indian food to begin the Jubilee represented the inclusive nature of the occasion: “It is bringing people together.”

“The Union Jack is fluttering everywhere – it means a united people.”

Watch our interview with Todiwala below:

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