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Tricycle Theatre Social Inclusion Programme

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Access to the arts and art education is a key priority for the Tricycle Theare. It has one of the largest primary, secondary and community education programmes of any London theatre, designed to open up the arts to all young people. Last year more than 40,000 young people attended term-time and holiday workshops, films and plays and after-school clubs. The creative and performing arts offer a framework within which the problems of social exclusion and low educational attainment can be effectively addressed.

The Tricycle’s Social Inclusion Programme provides a variety of activities both at the Tricycle and off-site in the local community.

The programme targets:

• Young refugees and asylum seekers

• Young people who have been, or are at risk of being excluded from mainstream education

• Young people living in areas with high levels of crime

• Young people experiencing economic deprivation

• Young Carers

• Young people from the Travelling community

• Young people with Special Educational Needs

• Deaf children

• Older people over the age of 60

Innovative and exciting activities, informed by the creative and performing arts, stimulate alternative avenues of self-expression for the children and young people in the programme.

For more information and to to get involved please see or contact the Education Officer on 020 7372 6611.

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