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Forgotten Sacrifice: How can we Remember the Black and Asian soldiers of the Second World War?

Event type: Webinar
Date: 29/10/2020
Location: Online
Part of the Remember Together: Forgotten Sacrifice campaign with the Royal British Legion.
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Britain’s shared history, and how it is remembered, has often been at the centre of recent ‘culture war’ public debates about identity and race this year. Yet discussing and engaging with our history can unite, as well as divide us.

This Black History Month webinar for the Remember Together campaign brings together expert voices on history, education and race to discuss how we in Britain can remember this shared history and mark this forgotten sacrifice.

– What more can be done to better commemorate, teach and document this history we all share, including the huge contribution made by Commonwealth soldiers in the Second World War?
– How can we engage with the complexity and controversies of the history of the British Empire and its legacies in an open and constructive way?

– Patrick Vernon OBE,  Activist, author and founder of 100 Great Black Britons Campaign
– Katharine Birbalsingh CBE, Education reformer and co-founder of Michaela Community School
– Zehra Zaidi, Founder of ‘We Too Built Britain’ Campaign
– Daniel Todman, Professor of Modern History and Head of History Dept at Queen Mary University
– Sunder Katwala (Chair), Director of British Future