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What’s a centenary good for? Can the Centenary of the First World War bring us together?

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Location: Leeds Central Library, Municipal Buildings, Calverley Street Leeds LS1 3AB

British Future are hosting an event looking at the war and its relevance to today. Between 3.30 and 5 pm, the panel will debate and discuss with you “What’s a centenary good for? Can the Centenary of the First World War bring us together?”

The panel comprises: Matthew Rhodes, director of strategy at British Future; Jahan Mahmood, a former university lecturer who taught at the University of Birmingham from 2003 to 2009; Andrea Hetherington, community historian and independent researcher; and Professor Alison Fell, Legacies of War project leader and professor of French Cultural History at the University of Leeds.

Before the event, from 2 pm, bestselling author Richard van Emden casts a spotlight on a less discussed area of the first world war – the stories of those left behind. This is about the wives, parents and children and how the war changed their lives, and those of their descendants, for ever. Local historian and researcher Andrea Hetherington will bring a Leeds perspective to the story, presenting readings from original documents which illustrate the experiences of families close to home.

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