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Equity in Social Mobility: A value for Conservatism

Event type: Party conference fringe
Date: 02/10/2023
Location: Trafford Room, Midland Hotel (Secure Zone), Manchester
Equity in Social Mobility: A value for Conservatism

As the cost-of-living crisis becomes central to British public life, it is necessary to understand what a Conservative policy on Social Mobility should fare, and why social mobility should be a priority, as a value of Conservatism. This fringe meeting will seek to understand where the government will, and should place social mobility on its priority list, identify the challenges of promoting opportunity and social mobility in an increasingly diverse and polarised Britain, and how this can successfully address different potential barriers to opportunity for those from different backgrounds.

Monday 2nd October 15:30-17:00 in the Trafford Room, Midland Hotel (Secure Zone)

(Refreshments provided)

Partners: British Future and KPMG


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