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British Future Launches

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Location: Museum of London, Docklands

As 2012 kicks off, new identity, integration, migration and opportunity thinktank British Future will hold its launch at the Museum of London Docklands, where the iconic flameholder of the 1948 Olympics is stored.
In its opening debate, a panel and audience will be discussing British past and future at the historic warehouse, where symbolic icons of past and present are stored. There is also a nod to the iconic nature of the year ahead as the Olympic flame 2012 will take a course past the doorstep of the museum ahead of  2012 Olympics.
The Olympics and the Queen’s Jubilee and the British public feelings about the importance of these events will form a thread of discussion at the opening event. The audience will also be asked how they think their families and friends fit into the jigsaw of British national identity today and in the past.
The audience will also be asked for their opinion on integration in British society today, and the challenges going forward, and also to debate economic opportunities needed for the current generations.

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