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Remember Together

Bringing together people from different backgrounds to uncover and commemorate our shared history.

History can unite as well as divide us.

Britain’s history and its commemoration is one of the key fronts in our divisive identity ‘culture war’ – yet remembrance of shared history also has the power to bring people together in a way that few other things have.

Awareness of the vast contribution made by black and Asian servicemen and women in the World Wars has increased significantly, but still requires further promotion to majority and minority audiences alike.

Remember Together is a project from British Future and The Royal British Legion that aims to bring people from different backgrounds together in Remembrance of our shared history. It highlights and celebrates the service and sacrifice made by servicemen and women of all creeds and colours, engaging new audiences and helping make our national tradition of Remembrance feel relevant and inclusive to everybody in Britain today.

As WW1 centenary approaches it’s important to mention the war

As WW1 centenary approaches it’s important to mention the war Date: 17 November 2013

In British Future’s latest report, Do Mention The War, we highlight why the first world war remains a pivotal cultural reference point for understanding the last century and how it shaped the country we have become today. It draws on original research into what the public know and don’t know about the first world war, why they think next year’s centenary will matter and what they want it to be about.

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