20 April 2012

British Future’s new report This Sceptred Isle released

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British Future’s new report This Sceptred Isle has now been released. In the report key questions are asked about modern British identity and sources of national pride.

To what extent do people identify as being English, Welsh and Scottish, as well as British? New findings are reported about what the public feels is most important when it comes to being accepted as English, Welsh and Scottish. Do ethnicity and parentage matter more or less than the more civic ideals of contributing to society and a sense of national identity?

It tackles the question of what makes the English, Scottish and Welsh proud of their nations, and then discusses why these sources of pride are important. It investigates each nation’s perception of their own flag and what associations, whether positive or negative, the public have with the Union Jack. Do the public associate Britain’s flags with the modern, inclusive Britain they represent, and can more be done to make it so?

This Sceptred Isle aims to open up public debate about how we could do more to create a shared and inclusive pride across the nations of Britain.

Read articles by Andrew Gimson, Alex Massie, Sunder Katwala, Peter Kellner, Rachael Jolley and Richard Miranda.

This Sceptred Isle is available for download here.

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