20 January 2012

British Future publishes State of the Nation report

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The British are fully aware of the perils facing the British and European economies, but refuse to let that entirely dominate the year ahead, according to our new report Hopes and Fears: The British Future State of the Nation Report 2012.

According to the report, the public think the Jubilee will be better than the Olympics for Britain’s mood; Prince Philip and Sir Trevor McDonald top the poll for people who have been born outside Britain but contributed greatly to the country; and people in 2012 feel a strong connection to England, Scotland and Wales, as well as Britain.

Director Sunder Katwala said: “We are pessimistic about where the country is heading yet confident that the places we live will be resilient and pull through. We expect bad news on the economy, but enter 2012 optimistic about what the year will bring to our families. This stubborn optimism reminds us that, when we look back, whatever happens on the world stage may be trumped by the personal milestones of births and weddings, pride in educational or career achievements, memories and loss at funerals too.

We believe that this will be a year of shared hope too, as we anticipate great national celebrations that will resonate for a generation. Olympic excitement is building across Britain – people do not see them as belonging only to London, with those in the West Midlands most excited of all – and people think the Queen’s Jubilee may just surpass the Games in its boost to the national mood.”

Read the report here:  Hopes and Fears updated

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