6 March 2012

Yorkshire, British or English? Answering the identity question

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British Future went to York last week to join the cast of the play Bed in a debate about British identity. Before the debate, we asked the cast members about their identity – British, Yorkshire or otherwise – as part of our British Histories series.

From Barbara Miller’s fond memories of chasing swarms of locusts from her garden in Africa to the cast’s unanimous love of Yorkshire, the stories tell strong but varied picture of British identity.

Barbara, who played the role of Marjorie in Bed, said that, although she was born in Singapore and spent her childhood in convents around Malaysia, she feels Scottish most of all. “When I became nearly nine it was time to come home to boarding school. Because my parents originated from Aberdeenshire, and my grandmother still lived there, they decided to send me to a school in Aberdeen.”

Watch the videos here, and to submit your own story about you and your family’s British history, go to our ‘Submit your story’ page here.


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