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VIDEO: Riz Rehman, England and Britain

16 April 2013

Riz Rehman’s parents are from Pakistan and while he describes the country as close to his heart, he says England is ultimately home. “I see myself as British. You know I’m British English, my partner, she is white British and I think now things are a lot more integrated.”

When Rehman was 14 years old, he moved with his family from Birmingham to London. Always a confident kid, Rehman suffered a blow on the first day at his new school when the children laughed at his Birmingham accent.

Integration is a value that Rehman holds particularly dear and one that he promotes through his role as operations director of the Zesh Rehman Foundation, a social inclusion project that brings communities together through football.

Outside of work, Rehman describes himself as a practising Muslim, neither eating pork nor drinking alcohol, but does not view people who do so differently. It is all about everyone respecting “each other’s values” and being able to integrate into wider society without forgetting their roots.

Watch the video of Rehman now and see what else he has to say.