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Bernie Grant Arts Centre: The Riots

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Location: Bernie Grant Arts Centre, London

The government originally refused a Public Inquiry into the riots that shook our cities this summer, so the Tricycle Theatre mounted its own.

After a sell-out run at the Tricycle, the critically acclaimed production transfers to Tottenham. Don’t miss the chance to see the production that has got everyone talking.

From tweets by taxi drivers, to moment-by-moment accounts by riot police, it will build a real-time picture of the riots as they unfolded. And then, from interviews with politicians, police, teachers, lawyers, community leaders, as well as victims and on-lookers,The Riots will analyse what happened, why it happened, and what we should do towards making a better future for ourselves and our city.

Astonishing stories and equally astonishing conclusions told by the many voices that have been stirred up by the riots.

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