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British Future is proud to be a founding member of /Together, a new coalition that everyone is invited to join. It aims to bring people together and bridge divides, to help build a kinder, closer and more connected society.

/Together launched on 5 July 2020, partnering with the NHS on its birthday to bring over 13 million people together in a moment of connection with neighbours and thanks to all those who are helping us get through these difficult times.

The initiative evolved from conversations across civil society, faith, media, sport and culture into a campaign to heal social divides. A Steering Group, chaired by the Archbishop of Canterbury,  includes a range of organisations and individuals from the NHS and ITV to the Scouts, Guides, the British Paralympic Association, trade unions and the CBI.

At the end of July we launched Talk/together, the UK’s biggest-ever conversation about what unites and divides us and what could bring us closer together. Coordinated by British Future, Talk/together comprises:

A final report will be published early in 2021, sharing our findings and launching the next phase of /Together’s work. This will shape the next stages of the campaign, from the participatory events people want to see more of, to policy changes needed to achieve /together’s aims.

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Call for ‘Decade of reconnection’ to heal divides

Call for ‘Decade of reconnection’ to heal divides Date: 3 January 2020

Some of the UK’s biggest organisations from worlds of sport, culture, faith and business call for a ‘decade of reconnection’. 

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‘Love Actually’ videos show Muslim and Jewish communities are Great Together

‘Love Actually’ videos show Muslim and Jewish communities are Great Together Date: 14 June 2017

Across the country, young Muslims and Jews have been getting together and finding out all they have in common in the lead-up to The Great Get Together

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