British Histories: What's Your Story?

VIDEO: Mario, Croydon

7 February 2013

Mario Creatura’s parents are both Italian, but he has spent all of his life in the UK.

He was the first in his family to attend university and now works in Westminster as a parliamentary assistant. For Mario, he has both his hometown of Croydon and his family to thank for his achievements. “The value that my Italian heritage and my community in Croydon have given me, and the education that the British system provided has enabled me to now work in the mother of all democracies.”

“Croydon has a lot to offer people and had a lot to offer me when I was growing up,” Mario says.  Specifically, the diversity of Croydon’s schools and public life instilled in him a sense of community.

Croydon is central to Mario’s British identity and will continue to be throughout his life. “My parents taught me growing up that you should give back to the community and take pride in the people that give you the things you need to make you a success,” he noted.