British Histories: What's Your Story?

VIDEO: Larry Rach, UK

12 February 2013

Freedom is what Larry Rach really values when talking about Britain. “Being British affords us a whole different raft of opportunities,” says Larry, listing good education and overall stability for his children as some of these opportunities.

Larry was born in Kenya and moved to the UK when he was 15 years old with his twin brother. He has three children and is married to a Greek Cypriot. Larry and his brother now run a multi-million pound company that employs 22 people.

“I do believe myself and my family have become British over the years that we have lived here and contributed to society,” Larry notes.

“We look at the UK as home and we look at all parts of the UK as home,” he says, explaining that on top of having a sister-in-law who is Scottish, himself and his family often visit Wales and other parts of Britain.

Larry’s identity is very much tied to the British isles. He asserts that he sees himself as British, but does not necessarily see himself as European.