British Histories: What's Your Story?

VIDEO: Jonny, Croydon

12 February 2013

“Sport is one of the ways in which I think you can most see our identity,” says Jonny Cope when asked about what it means to be British.

The Olympics were a glorious moment of course and a prime of example of this. Even when England is losing in a major football tournament though, Jonny still enjoys seeing the flags on the cars, seeing big TV screens airing the match across the country and people coming together to have a chat about the game over a pint.

For Jonny, it is this combination that creates a moment when people are really unified by their Englishness and indeed sometimes their Britishness. “That makes you feel special and makes Britain such a wonderful place to live,” he says.

Another characteristic of being British, in Jonny’s eyes, is the country’s “togetherness”. Jonny has lived in Croydon most of his life but his mother is from near Liverpool and his father is from West London. Jonny himself has also spent three years in Warwick while studying at university. “This gives me a great feeling of the togetherness that Britain has,” Jonny notes.