Show your support for England – share a photo with the #WeAreAllEngland hashtag



Everyone in England should be able to come together to celebrate our shared identity.

People worry about Englishness being divisive but we believe that everyone in England, whatever their faith or ethnic background, can join the party and show their pride in the country where we live.

Big sports events are one of the few opportunities that we have to do that.

When Roy Hodgson’s England side head off to the Euro 2016 football tournament in France in June this year, it’s a chance to show that this is a modern, inclusive England, open and welcoming to all.


It’s a chance to show that #WeAreAllEngland.


#WeAreAllEngland is a new initiative for everyone who feels a sense of belonging to this country.

Whether you’re a football fan or only tune in for the big England games.

Whether you’re Scouse or Geordie, from Yorkshire or Cornwall, Arsenal or Tottenham; Labour or Tory, LibDem or UKIP; whether you’re black, white or Asian; Christian or Jewish, Hindu, Sikh or Muslim.

It’s for people who already proclaim their Englishness and for those who feel uncertain whether it’s OK to celebrate it.


We want to show that England is at its best when we all feel that we can belong to it.


There is no loyalty test here – just a chance for everyone who wants to join in to demonstrate that we can all show our pride, together, in the nation we are today.

We’d like to see loads of people, from all faiths and backgrounds, showing your support for the England team by posting and sharing a picture of your ‘England goal celebration’ – or just showing your support for England – using the #WeAreAllEngland hashtag.

You don’t have to be a massive football fan to join in – we can all show some pride in our team and our nation.

Please show your support by sharing a photo using the #WeAreAllEngland hashtag on Instagram and Twitter, and tagging the #WeAreAllEngland Facebook page. Everyone who shows their support has a chance to WIN an England shirt signed by 1966 World Cup legend Geoff Hurst!

This summer, let’s show that #WeAreAllEngland.

Join in using the #WeAreEngland hashtag across Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.


And if you don’t have an England flag to wave, download one to print out here or by using this link and use it for a selfie – as modelled below by Steve and Avaes from British Future:

Pic w printed flag