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The Voice of a Generation tour – what do Britain’s first-time voters really think?

Today marks the launch of the Voice of a Generation tour, a joint project between British Future and the Daily Mirror. Nineteen-year-old Helen Whitehouse – a young journalist and first-time voter herself – will travel to some of the most closely-fought constituencies across the country to uncover stories from young people eligible to vote for the first time in May’s General Election

How young voters could transform this country’s politics

Engaging young people in the political system could have ramifications which are exciting, unexpected – and urgent, argues Henry Hill.

Who speaks for young people in Britain today?

Turnout among young voters is at a record low. At a time when they have never been less engaged in the political process, the question is: who speaks for young people in Britain today?

Generation 2012: optimistic and practical

British Future's new report Generation 2012 speaks with an age group who have been dubbed by some the “lost generation” to identify the challenges facing them.

What are the challenges facing Generation 2012?

British Future hosted an interactive debate at Stratford Town Hall on the challenges facing Generation 2012 to find out what can be done to avoid a "lost generation".