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Enoch Who? ‘Rivers of Blood’ is ancient history to young Britons of 2018

50 years on, does 'Rivers of blood' loom large over attitudes to race? Not if you're under 40.

Why two million first-time voters won’t turn up in May 2015

With a year to go until the 2015 general election, new YouGov research for British Future explores why two million potential first-time voters won’t cast their vote next May, writes Steve Ballinger.

VIDEO: Generation 2012 interviews

British Future interviewed students aged between 18 and 24 about their concerns, hopes and fears. We also talked with them about their thoughts about Britain today.

Lost Generation speaks out on unemployment

Recent graduate Richard Miranda argues that although job vacancy growth being at an eight month high and the government's Youth Contract are steps in the right direction, more must be done if youth unemployment is to be significantly reduced.