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VIDEO: Jonathan Collis, Wales and Britain

Jonathan Collis, 21, has not let any of the negative stereotypes some English people hold about the Welsh stop his sense of pride. "My Welsh identity was quite a large thing while at university as I was the only Welsh person in my group of friends," said Collis, who has lived in Wales since he was nine months old, with the exception of university.

VIDEO: Arwel Williams, Wales

"I am Welsh. My mother and father are both Welsh, my grandparents are Welsh," explains Arwel Williams, who has spent all of his life in Wales. Now living in Bangor in north Wales where he works in pound structures, Williams feels his Welsh identity is quite strong.

National Conversation: Wales

Playwright Tim Price was born in the South Wales valleys, and has a strong sense of being Welsh as well as being a big fan of London, he tells Rachael Jolley.