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Our patchwork polarisation – and how to stitch it together

"Planet Remain and Planet Leave might be fewer light years apart than we tend to recognise," says Sunder Katwala in this speech at the University of East Anglia looking at how to heal post-Brexit divisions

You can get work skills at university, if you want to

At university we constantly receive a barrage of e-mails notifying students on all variations of ‘employer activities’ and ‘careers and employability’ opportunities that are happening on and around the university campus. So there is no plausible argument, in my opinion, where a student could say 'this university didn’t give me enough skills to get into the workplace,' writes Loughborouogh University undergraduate Sarah Cottam.

“Coalition of the rational” could defend migration, says shadow minister

A “coalition of the rational” could unite politicians across the major parties and secure public support for the types of immigration that most people think is in Britain’s interests, shadow immigration minister Chris Bryant told a Progress and British Future fringe event at the Labour party conference in Manchester.

Stretched student finances.

Vouchers and ready meals: a lesson in student economics

Rising food prices and a lack of part-time jobs is pushing student bank balances to the brink, writes Loughborough University student Sarah Cottam.