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Scottish and British: why Andy Murray brings a fragmenting UK together

It is a sign of the health and maturity of civic Scottish nationalism that sport matters so much less to nationhood than it did a generation ago, writes Sunder Katwala.

Is the Olympic flame still burning bright?

At Birmingham’s Alexander Stadium where the IPC Athletics Grand Prix was held, the Olympic flames still seemed to be burning bright. Were people there because of a sense of nostalgia or did last year's Games stir something greater - and more lasting - in the nation, asks Jo Tanner.

People unite at Woolwich mosque in sign of solidarity

The people of Woolwich, those of all faiths and none, refuse to be defined by the recent brutal killing of Drummer Lee Rigby. Their Woolwich is a place of community, where people of all backgrounds live together, side by side. And it is that Woolwich which gathered on Friday 31st May at the Greenwich Islamic Centre, writes Jo Tanner.

What can we learn from 1953’s “great act of national communion”?

In 1953, the sociologist Michael Young, in a famous essay, described the Queen’s coronation as a “great act of national communion.” He and his co-author Edward Shils were struck by the galvanising effect the coronation had on family and community life. In which ways does the monarchy continue to unite people within the UK, asks Zaki Cooper, who used to work in the press office at Buckingham Palace, ahead of this week's 60th anniversary of the coronation.

VIDEO: Highlights from Beyond Wembley: What can bring Bradford together?

What then can we learn about the possibilities of sport, and other areas of common interest, to be a positive force for inclusion and integration? This was the central question at British Future’s Beyond Wembley: What can bring Bradford together? debate held on 26th February at the Carlisle Business Centre in Bradford.

How the Wembley fairytale has brought Bradford together

Bradford City versus Swansea City is not the Wembley League Cup final that anybody expected at the start of the football season, with supporters of both clubs looking forward to their first major Wembley final. Days before British Future holds a debate in Bradford, Sunder Katwala asks residents of the city, including season ticket holders, an imam, and the curator of the club museum, what they think about the final and its impact on the city.