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What next for youth in the north-east?

One of the most pressing issues today is the sheer amount of young people in need of employment. Since the recession, the rate of people aged 16 to 25 not in work has been steadily increasing, with over 979,000 young people unemployed nationwide between December 2012 and February 2013. The north-east has the highest rates of youth unemployment. What then can be done to help today’s youth, asks Next Generation thinker Matilda Neill.

Stretched student finances.

Vouchers and ready meals: a lesson in student economics

Rising food prices and a lack of part-time jobs is pushing student bank balances to the brink, writes Loughborough University student Sarah Cottam.

Spanish youth say crisis is hard to bear

Britain has a chance to avoid creating a "lost generation", but Spanish young people are deeply depressed, says Richard Miranda, after interviewing his Spanish friends and family.

Lost Generation speaks out on unemployment

Recent graduate Richard Miranda argues that although job vacancy growth being at an eight month high and the government's Youth Contract are steps in the right direction, more must be done if youth unemployment is to be significantly reduced.