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25 years on from Stephen Lawrence’s murder, minorities sceptical of progress on prejudice

Less than half of ethnic minority Britons feel there has been progress on racial prejudice over the 25 years since Stephen Lawrence’s murder, according to a new survey

“Change way stop and search carried out”

When Stephen Lawrence died on that tragic evening of April 22 1993, I was merely three years old. Yet the legacy of his death reverberated throughout her formative years and continues to plague the police force, writes 23-year-old Promise Campbell.

1993 to 2013: How has Britain changed since Stephen was killed?

Britain is a fairer and less racist country than it was when Stephen Lawrence was murdered 20 years ago. But there is good sense, too, in the public wariness of over-claiming how much has changed, says Sunder Katwala.

More vocational skills vital for our kids’ future say Eltham residents

Limited opportunities for young people, based on a disconnect between education and employment, was of much greater priority than concerns around race relations for attendees at the Stephen Lawrence: 20 Years On event in Eltham, writes Richard Miranda.

20 Years On: Why anniversary of Stephen’s death is moment to consider modern Britain

20 years on, we can now see that Stephen Lawrence's death has come to play an important symbolic role, Sunder Katwala writes.

“Government needed judical inquiry into riots” ex Met boss

The government had made a mistake in not having a proper judicially-led inquiry into the summer’s riots, former Met police commissioner Ian Blair said today, giving the inaugural Stephen Lawrence criminal justice lecture to the Stephen Lawrence Charitable Trust in London.

The Eltham I knew

Do we need to accept a trade-off between tackling racism and addressing the marginalisation of white working-class communities? My own experience of living in Eltham gives me some hope that we do not.

Why we will remember Stephen Lawrence

It was a murder that came to shock a nation, eventually. But I had my own, personal reasons for thinking about Stephen Lawrence almost every day, back in 1999.