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Could St George help bring England together?

Most people think we should do more to mark national moments - like St George's Day - that can bring people together, writes Steve Ballinger

Ten things we know (or don’t know) about St George’s Day

Many of us in England will be celebrating St George’s Day this week, commemorating the nation’s patron saint. Others will remain unaware, or wonder why there’s nothing much happening in their local area. British Future’s Steve Ballinger looks at what we think about St George’s Day and what we know, or don’t know, about England’s patron saint.

Stereotyping the English

It is often noted that the English do not do so much to mark St George's Day, though there is a gradual trend towards celebrating it more. Not everybody is clear about when it is, argues Sunder Katwala.

“Amis: Britain’s chief miserabilist”

Is Martin Amis' dispiriting 'state of the nation' novel trying to dampen Jubilee joy? It looks like his new novel, about a young lottery-winning criminal, will paint a bleak picture of broken Britain. Sunder Katwala asks if Amis is Britain's chief miserabilist.