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Brexit not Wexit: the Welsh Euros adventure goes on

Wales voted narrowly for Brexit, but the country is united on another European adventure, writes Ashok Ahir.

2014: reviewing a year when identity mattered

2014 was a year when national identities mattered. Here is a round-up of the key events, with links to British Future's main contributions to public debates.

Stats reveal Murray victory a moment of unity across UK

As Andy Murray broke the most unwanted record in tennis, 77 years without a British men’s champion, there has been a lot of debate about how much of a British victory this was. However, the statistics highlight that all corners of the UK were united behind Murray, not just Scotland, writes Douglas Jefferson.

VIDEO: Highlights from Beyond Wembley: What can bring Bradford together?

What then can we learn about the possibilities of sport, and other areas of common interest, to be a positive force for inclusion and integration? This was the central question at British Future’s Beyond Wembley: What can bring Bradford together? debate held on 26th February at the Carlisle Business Centre in Bradford.

VIDEO: Jonny, Croydon

"Sport is one of the ways in which I think you can most see our identity," says Jonny Cope from Croydon when asked about what it means to be British. Even when England is losing in a major football tournament, he still enjoys seeing the flags on the cars, seeing big TV screens airing the match across the country and chatting about the game over a pint with strangers.

“Being a refugee bloody drives you on” says Salford City Reds’ saviour

As the new Rugby League season begins tonight, fans of Salford City Reds are able to move from fretting about whether their club will survive to dreaming of triumphs on the sporting field, writes Sunder Katwala.

“British sport must commemorate Great War”

British sport has a “special responsibility” to commemorate the centenary of the war because sport was “the most effective recruiting sergeant in sending men to the trenches,” say British Future's Matthew Rhodes and Sunder Katwala in an essay published this Remembrance weekend.

“Everybody has two flags”

The upsurge in belief in an English identity over the past five years is not the threat to modern Britain that many English believe it to be, says British Future director Sunder Katwala in a new interview.

British Future writes to the Prime Minister

Director of British Future Sunder Katwala wrote to David Cameron for St. George's Day, asking for the Prime Minister to encourage a positive and inclusive English identity by opening the debate on whether England should have its own anthem.