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Scotland’s election: a disagreeable discourse

Chris Creegan looks back at the General Election campaign in Scotland

Would Brexit end Britain? A tale of two unions

As Nicola Sturgeon uses a speech in London to set out her case for why the UK should vote to stay in the EU, Sunder Katwala asks what the implications of the EU referendum might be for Scotland and its relationship with the rest of the UK.

Scotland remembers together

Scots on both sides of the independence debate will come together to mark the two minutes' Armistice Day silence, according to British Future research.

One year on, a fragile but democratic Union

The history books faithfully record that Scots chose to remain in the United Kingdom, by 2 million votes to 1.6 million. But the question who really won and lost during the independence referendum of 2014 now seems more complicated than that.

Scots still 50/50 on independence in next decade – new poll

A new poll from British Future finds only 52% of Scots think independence will come in the next ten years - while 73% back new powers for Scotland.

Can Scotland find a new political consensus?

Chris Creegan reflects on the historic election result in Scotland and asks whether Scotland can find a new, post-election political consensus

Why this election feels different in Scotland

Scotland's No vote last September has not diminished a new sense of the possibility of democratic change, writes Chris Creegan.

Will Scotland decide the future of the UK again?

The General Election in Scotland this year is probably the least predictable the nation has ever seen – and the contest in the 59 Scottish constituencies could play a significant role in deciding who governs Britain.

2014: reviewing a year when identity mattered

2014 was a year when national identities mattered. Here is a round-up of the key events, with links to British Future's main contributions to public debates.

Scotland’s moderate majority on immigration

Scotland has a more liberal and welcoming public immigration debate than other parts of the UK and there is a broad political consensus on the benefits of immigration.

Scotland has spoken – will England respond?

Scotland thought seriously about whether to end the United Kingdom - and chose to mend and save it instead. England must also now find its voice, writes Sunder Katwala.

Scottishness and me: Coming home without going back

I spent the first 40 years of my life in England, writes Chris Creegan, before coming to live in Scotland in 2003. It was a coming home, strange perhaps for someone born in Sussex. But I’m adopted.

Scotland: Five reasons the No campaign should (just about) win in the end

The referendum in Scotland is shaping up to be a nail-biter. Scotland will, quite rightly, get whatever the majority of Scots want. While the margin will be tighter than many expected, writes Sunder Katwala, that still looks like the Union.

People divided on prospects for 2014, “Britain’s Year of Identity”

People are three times more optimistic about the economy in 2014 than they have been for the past two years, according to new research released today by Ipsos MORI for British Future.

State of the Union – Scottish poll results

Polling conducted by Ipsos MORI for British Future’s annual State of the Nation survey reveals a year of divergent priorities for the home nations but an underlying confidence in the Union, writes Henry Hill.

REVIEW: Sunshine on Leith captures energy, optimism of Scotland

News that The Proclaimers discography had been mined as the inspiration for a jukebox musical left me with mixed feelings. Could the movie adaptation called Sunshine on Leith, which the BBC has been calling ‘McMamma Mia’, ever be anything more than cringeworthy, asks Duncan Stewart Muir.

Stats reveal Murray victory a moment of unity across UK

As Andy Murray broke the most unwanted record in tennis, 77 years without a British men’s champion, there has been a lot of debate about how much of a British victory this was. However, the statistics highlight that all corners of the UK were united behind Murray, not just Scotland, writes Douglas Jefferson.

REVIEW: Glasgow Girls receives standing ovation

After the performance of the National Theatre of Scotland’s Glasgow Girls, the audience jumped to their feet and roared their approval and wouldn’t stop. The cast looked slightly stunned by the audience’s reaction, but it was a reflection of a truly exciting musical play, writes Rachael Jolley.

Kohli: Why independence won’t stop Scots feeling British

Scottish writer Hardeep Singh Kohli tells why he thinks independence wouldn't stop Scots feeling British, and how the bigger question is how England would cope with the split. Here's a preview.

Festival of Politics in Edinburgh

Who are Jock Tamson’s Bairns?

A British Future-backed session at the Scottish Festival of Politics hosted a debate on who counts as Scottish, and when new residents become Scottish.