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Integration starts with contact in schools

Greater efforts to promote contact between children from different ethnic, faith and class backgrounds  - including 'twinning' of faith schools to help pupils mix with children of other faiths - should be mandatory in all state schools, British Future proposes today in its submission to the government's consultation on its Integrated Communities Strategy green paper.

Integration Green Paper: an important foundation for an ‘all of us’ approach

The new Integration Green Paper moves on from the Casey Review to a broader debate about integration. There is consensus on what we need to do - now we must get on and do it.

Olympic bosses should not let mad branding rules hit Games fever

Using the words "Olympics" and "Games" could get you in trouble, and that's not doing anything for getting the crowd to its feet ready to cheer for one of this year's big events. The branding supremos over there at the Olympic stadium in east London have gone a bit power crazy in their bid to fight off the hawkers and the sellers of fake Olympic mementos.