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The refugee boxer dedicating his big fight to Britain

Rising star of British boxing Ajmal "The Dream" Faizy dedicates his big fight - during Refugee Week - "to Britain, the country that offered me protection"

2015′s first-time voters welcome refugees to UK, new poll reveals

First-time voters in the 2015 General Election are standing behind Britain’s commitment to welcoming and protecting refugees, according to new polling carried out by YouGov.

Analyse this: As British as fish and chips?

As events take place across the UK to celebrate Refugee Week, new polling suggests that people value the contribution of migrants, and in particular refugees, with Sigmund Freud being ranked the refugee to have contributed the most to the UK.

Public support asylum for Afghan interpreters

The British public believe that Britain should offer asylum to Afghan interpreters who worked for British troops, according to a new YouGov poll for British Future, writes Sunder Katwala.

“Make practical civic contribution part of the citizenship test”

The Dragons' Den format fringe on immigration and integration backed a practical as well as theoretical citizenship test, but rejected letting the market decide or introducing a faith-preference for persecuted Christians in the asylum process.

Photo: Aliya Mirza

Why do non-white Brits feel that little bit more British?

New research shows a strong sense of minority patriotism. Might it be time to stop being surprised, says Sunder Katwala?

Aliya Mirza

Refugees kick off the Jubilee weekend

British Future hosted a Jubilee street party on Friday as a way of both celebrating the Queen’s Jubilee and acknowledging the contribution that refugees have made to British society during her reign.

Photo: Phil Gyford

Jubilee letter to The Times

As British Future heads off to one of the first Jubilee street parties of the weekend to celebrate with refugees in Brixton today, we have written to The Times in honour of the Queen's Jubilee to acknowledge the contribution that refugees have made to Britain during the Queen's reign.

New report highlights what works in integration

Ever since the Home Secretary announced her plan for the new integration strategy in June 2011, we have been waiting for it to materialise with a mixture of excitement and anxiety, says Zrinka Bralo. Excitement because it might be different and better from those preceding it, and anxiety because of recent government announcements about further immigration restrictions. The rumour in the blogosphere is that a draft integration strategy called ‘Creating the Conditions for Integration’ has been circulating in Whitehall since November 2011. At The Forum, the organisation where I work, we are curious to see what’s in store for the future of integration as this is what we do and we need a constructive environment to be able to keep doing it.