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Why refugees want to learn English

“Now I can say what I want to say; I'm not frightened to make mistakes and even when I do make mistakes, people are very helpful with us. They help me to say what I want.” A new refugee action study calls for the barriers to learning to be broken down.

UK should protect all girls at risk of FGM

A year ago, I was angry. Female genital mutilation (FGM) had started to appear in the UK news more and more. In my community though, no one spoke about it. Back in Sierra Leone, where I come from, 94% of girls are cut; I wasn’t an exception. FGM changes you. They say they cut you so you become a woman. In a way it’s true: you lose your innocence in that one moment, writes Sarian Kamara.

Award winner helped young people get involved in Olympics

Zimbabwean refugee Cynthia Masiyiwa has been selected for the Woman of the Year award at The Migrant and Refugee Woman of the Year Awards. Last year she helped loads of young people get involved in the Olympics, writes Jemimah Steinfeld.

“Being a refugee bloody drives you on” says Salford City Reds’ saviour

As the new Rugby League season begins tonight, fans of Salford City Reds are able to move from fretting about whether their club will survive to dreaming of triumphs on the sporting field, writes Sunder Katwala.

Refugees get bunting out to celebrate Jubilee

"I'm looking forward to celebrating my 55 years in Britain," said refugee Bob Vertes, who will be attending a street party in Brixton this week.